A Drain on 

 Public Safety Resources 

Violent Crime on the Rise in Shasta County – In March 2017, the Record Searchlight published that there were 4,557 total violent and property crimes reported the year prior – indicating a 19% increase in major crimes over seven years. The year prior, experts reported that the county’s overall crime rate was nearly double the rate for the State of California. Former Redding Police Chief Robert Paoletti attributed the rise to prison realignment, reclassification of felonies as misdemeanors and rising drug addictions in the city.

Crime at Win River Casino - Between July 2012 and July 2017, the Shasta County Sheriff’s department received well over 1,000 calls from the Win River Casino alone, averaging one call every other day for five years.

Various forms of theft topped the list of reported crime, followed closely by public intoxication and assault/harassment. Reports of illicit drug use and sales were also prevalent throughout the reports – several resulting in some need of medical emergency aid.


Furthermore, numerous calls were made to the Sheriff’s Department by Win River employees directly. Overwhelmingly, these were requests to investigate “suspicious” activity, remove trespassers – individuals Win River security had tried unsuccessfully to eject, or to break up instances of public disturbance. Other instances, moreover, required county law enforcement to settle disputes between customers and casino staff.

The Shasta County Sheriff’s department is already strained to provide the basic services for public safety. We cannot afford to use these precious resources simply to supplement Win River Casino’s security staff.