The Risks of  

 Reservation Shopping 

“Off –reservation gaming” – also known as “Reservation Shopping” – is when an Indian Tribe moves or attempts to move its gaming operations to land outside its federally recognized reservation strictly to improve its business profits.  Federal law acknowledges that allowing Indian tribes to establish gaming operations on land outside recognized reservation boundaries can severely impact those living and working on non-reservation land.

Redding Rancheria’s proposed casino expansion targets land outside its recognized reservation. If approved by the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, this expansion will place a serious financial strain on the taxpayers of the City of Redding and Shasta County, strain local government services, increase air and water pollution, undermine local land use priorities, create intolerable traffic congestion and change the rural character of the County beyond recognition.

Reservation Shopping Hurts Everyone 

Reservation shopping poses a risk to all of us. Without a strict standard to determine where casinos can operate, residents have little power to prevent a flood of gaming operations from developing near homes, schools or community centers – all on the backs of local taxpayers.

​While Speak Up Shasta strongly supports the rights of Tribal Nations to self-govern, this practice hurts small or developing tribes. By permitting larger, wealthier tribes to purchase the best land, other tribes are deprived of the ability to compete in the industry, perpetuating a vicious cycle of poverty.

​Speak up now to ensure the Bureau of Indian Affairs upholds its standards.