Defend Shasta's Identity 


Shasta County is a destination point for outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen. Dubbed by TIME Magazine as the “Unofficial Capitol of Kayaking,” our family-friendly reputation is central to our identity and crucial for our community’s revitalization. The City of Redding is home to countless outdoor sports and activities and iconic features like the Sundial Bridge, the Shasta Dam, Cascade Theater, and limitless nature trails and educational centers.

All of this is under attack. The proposed site of the new and expanded Win River Casino threatens to rob Shasta County of its identity, becoming the single most defining landmark for all I-5 traffic.

Traffic Congestion – With the proposal of a 250-room hotel, a large-scale events center, 24-hour gaming, and late-night clubs and activities, the site will be a primary stop along Interstate 5. However, this boost in activity is guaranteed to compound an already growing traffic issue. Solutions will require expensive and disruptive road construction - all on the backs of Redding taxpayers.

Noise & Light Pollution – The proposed development of a 24-hour gaming facility, increased frequency of late-night shows and clubs, and the construction of a retail complex will have far reaching ramifications for the current atmosphere of the region.

Restricted River Access – Located on the bank of the Sacramento River, the proposed site would likely have a lasting impact on the water quality and activities in the vicinity. Prime river access and fishing points will be obstructed by the new development and runoff from the operation has the potential to impact fish and wildlife downriver.