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Rampant Crime Plagues
Win River Casino

In January of 2023, Speak Up Shasta requested a full report of calls for service for Shasta County Sheriff, Fire and/or emergency medical response to the Win River Casino between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022.

We received a log of well over 600 calls during this two-year period. Through comparison to public records of police codes in use, we identified:

  • At least two dozen incidents of assault or battery

  • Over two dozen incidents of grand theft

  • At least 100 incidents of petty theft

  • Over 40 calls for Outstanding Warrants

  • Over 70 calls for Disturbances/Disturbing the Peace

  • Dozens of calls for trespassing, Drunk in Public, Vandalism and Suspicious Activity

  • Numerous calls for “Man Down” and K9 Deployment

  • Several calls that appear related to missing persons reported or found.

Over 100 additional calls are still being researched as their codes are unclear. What is perfectly clear is that the Win River Casino is a major epicenter of crime in Shasta County.

Just some of the major incidents in recent history:

Attempted Murder

In January of this year, a woman was arrested and charged with attempted murder after allegedly attempting to run over her partner at Win-River Casino.

Elderly Assault

In December 2021, right before the period of this study, a man assaulted an 80 year old woman and shot a police officers in an incident at Win River. We was sentenced to 60 years to life.  

Death Threats

In March 2021, a Man arrested after threatening to 'kill everyone' at Win-River Casino 

Grand Theft Auto

In 2018, a Police K9 was shot pursuing a suspect who was driving a stolen vehicle out of the Win River parking lot.  

Shasta County and the City of Redding should consider a full accounting of the costs of servicing this Casino and crime it is attracting to our community before any long term agreement is struck – and to cover years of non-payments to deal with these frightening incidents.

Non-violent offences can cost thousands of dollars to investigate and prosecute. Violent crimes can cost upwards of $100,000 per incident. We are looking at hundreds of incidents each and every year.

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