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Speak Up Shasta

The Redding Rancheria is pushing to build a massive new casino in Shasta County.

About the Project

The site is located 1.6 miles northeast of the existing casino, nearly
2 miles southeast of downtown Redding, just off the Bonnyview exit on Interstate 5. The plot sits right on the bank of the Sacramento River and is bordered by over 200 residential homes.

The proposed development includes:


  • 69,000+ Sq. Ft. Casino

  • 250-room Hotel

  • Convention Center & Event Space

  • 130,000 sq. ft. Retail Center

  • Parking Structure with 2,600+ spaces

Project Map_edited.jpg

The Hard Truth


This project would bring more than 13,000 NEW Daily Car Trips on I-5. This project will be a traffic nightmare in a location built for open space and a few homes.


Local Shasta County Residents on record in opposition to this harmful casino.


The tribe would pay ZERO corporate income taxes on revenue or property taxes on tribal land. The proposed shopping mall planned for this site would not be subject to sales tax and will destroy local businesses in Redding.

Why You Should Oppose This Project

The simple truth is their proposed Strawberry Fields location is a horrible place for such a project, which would hurt local neighborhoods and businesses.


The Casino Does Not Pay Local Taxes

If built, the tribe would not pay corporate income taxes on revenue or property taxes on tribal land. It should note that the shopping mall they plan will not be subject to sales tax. That may mean slightly cheaper goods, but it won’t benefit our community, who has to pay for the police, fire, infrastructure, homeless services and other issues impacting our community.


As the State Association of Counties put it “it is clear that Shasta County and its taxpayers would be forced to deal with any and all off-reservation impacts associated with this major casino project, should it come to fruition.”


Hurts Local Businesses

This project calls for new businesses beyond the casino that will directly compete with and hurt local Redding businesses, including the Civic Auditorium.


The impact report says at least one local business would take a 24% hit. What business can survive that? Will we have more vacant storefronts and blight?


Flood Threats

This entire project runs right up against a floodplain, and these lands have flooded in recent years. There are homes nearby and the impact report does not report the length, location or amount of work to be done to stabilize the riverbank, or how it would affect homes across the river.


The project plan calls for an open pond to capture runoff from the building and parking lot. Where will this open pit of polluted water be located, and if it is in the flood plain, how will we be sure it doesn’t spill into and poison our river?


Threatens Salmon, Eagles & Endangered Species

This stretch of river is essential to the survival of Salmon and Steelhead, listed as critical habitat, it is vital to their existence. The plan does not address the noise and light issues which will dramatically impact these endangered species.


Bald Eagles forage on this site. This is the symbol of our nation and is endangered in California. Many other plants and animals were observed on this site, from hawks and geese to native plants and trees. People come from around the world to fish the Sacramento River, and this project endangers its fish and numerous other threatened and endangered species.

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