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The Worst "Deal" in California

Tribes across the state routinely enter into formal agreements to cover costs for local casino impacts to police, fire, traffic and other services, as well as to account for lost tax revenues for lands taken into trust. Notably, the Redding Rancheria has no such agreement for its current casino, leaving Shasta Taxpayers to pay the full freight for their existing Win River Casino.

The “deal” announced Friday night would see Shasta residents continue to bear these costs for the next three decades – even as Win River expands. It is a length nearly unheard of in California gaming, and the terms are an insult to the community.


Almost No Revenue for Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Response.
Public Records show the Win River casino generates as many as 300 calls per year just to the Shasta County Sheriff. The tribe is offering a paltry $1,000 per call to offset its impacts to local public safety. This is a dangerously low amount to support the safety of our community. The San Manuel Tribe pays San Bernardino County roughly $1.8 million a year to the sheriff, and additional $400,000 to the DA. Wilton Rancheria gave Elk Grove $1.5 million a year for police and code enforcement. Morongo pays Riverside over $2 million per year. Under even generous estimates the Rancheria’s offer would be less than 1/10 of what comparable Tribes pay.

Virtually Nothing for Traffic Impacts
The County is set to allow the Rancheria pay as little as $50,000 per year to maintain roads and traffic controls, with an unspecified amount to be determined later – after the deal has been signed. Wilton Rancheria gave Elk Grove one-time contributions including $10,469,711 for citywide road improvements, $1,824,028 for regional or shared roadways with the county. Even at the absurd life of 30 years, the Rancheria proposal would only guarantee Shasta County $1.5 million.

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